The Modern World

Backstreet boys make me wanna scald my inner thighs with the hottest substance known to man – strawberry jam pop tarts. They make me wanna spend months learning how to drive then spend years of working hard saving up all my money so I can buy a land rover and run them all down. They are everything that is wrong with the world, they are destroying music. – Rae Earl

Rae Earl, the lead character in E4’s ‘My Mad Fat Diary’, does a great job of summarising many a music fans feelings about generic “pop” in this incredibly written piece of script.

In this episode titled ‘Girls’ (series 2, episode 3) she explores the life of a popular girl in Lincoln in 1996. Unfortunately for her this involves forcefully indulging herself in something she hates; unfortunately for us, these generic popbands are still being vomited out of the mouths of industry moneymakers straight onto every radio station, tv channel, and internet page we stumble upon.

How often do you go a day without seeing something/someone/somewhere to do with One Direction or Union J or some other fabricated pop group?

Why is it even still acceptable for this junk to be called music and be sold in music shops next to bands such as Foals – who are just as modern and up to date as these monstrosities – but are just lesser known due to lack of media coverage in comparison?!

Unbelievable how comparable our “1D” trodden lives are with life in ’96.

Makes me mad, makes Rae Earl mad, and I reckon if it doesn’t make you mad you should lock yourself away for a few years until you come to be in a reasonable state of mind.

Good for you Harry Styles and the rest of them, you’ve made your millions by the age of 20 but how’s about you do us all a favour, set up a savings account, plan 50 years of expenses, and take early retirement? Greatly appreciated, yours sincerely, the nation’s mental stability.


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